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Are The Songs My Disease?

Sugar Runs From Her Arteries

Feminism, Vintage and Riot Grrl - Images and Icons
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Hey im mima - your mod <3

I like making icons, friends only banners and backgrounds so i thought I would make a community to share my pictures and for others to share theirs. You can post any icons you like, but the running theme will be 'feminism, vintage and riot grrl' so anything from old rustic paintings of 20's women to courtney love and katie jane garside. If you want to use an icon, comment please. no credit is necessary but a comment would be nice :)

To join, just post an entry introducing yourself and give an example of your work.
That's all for now I think :)

Here is a promotion banner -

If the other's in the community do not like your work, and comment that they do not think you are right for the community, you will recieve a rejected picture of kathleen and will have to leave.

Promote and share your pictures!